Thursday, December 27, 2007

Old Year's Day

Old Year’s Day

Waves roll in…
Waves roll out…

That’s what I see from this bench
Overlooking the water, in a strange city
I came here to say goodbye to an Old Year
It was an old year; I’d grown to know it well
It had come around enough times
Like some people I’d knew
Old like an old coat
Comfortable, and ready to fall apart
This year, this old year had wrinkles
That were ugly, not wise
They showed time, not experience
It smiled with bleeding gums
And its hair was blown by the wind
It was an old bastard of an uncle
The kind that borrowed money
Its neck was bent with sleep and guilt
It was sometimes forgetful, occasionally cruel
It smelled like pee, and medicine
I had grown used to the halitosis
The stories it told over and over
Gave comfort, over and over
Because I never had to think about them
I always appreciated how
It would demand so little from me
Usually only my company
And the most passing of attentions
It’s hard to accept that it’s time to say
Goodbye, because
I’ve grown used to it visiting
So often, recently. But,
This old year has grown weary
And is dieing, from its own disease
So now it’s time
To honor, and grieve and remember
As much as this old year deserves
And maybe to learn
Everyone’s life is a story to tell.
Everyone’s time is a lesson.
And, just like saying goodbye
To a dear friend, or a bad relative,
Most of its memory fades
With its absence
I hope, Oh I hope, Oh I pray
That I’ll be that better friend
That I’ll be that better son
That I’ll be that better man
Because of the lessons that I’ve learned
From that crazy, decrepit, derelict, old year
Come 'round too many times before its passing.
I can see the New Year coming
I was supposed to meet it here
And I’ve never felt quite ready
For first impressions
Never shamed, always shy
And knowing that’s not quite right
But all there is to do is rise
A seagull flies overhead
A boat cuts towards the horizon
The wind pulls at my scarf
And the clouds will bring their rain

… waves roll out,
… waves roll in.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I know that I haven't been keeping up with this blog like I should- probably the most said thing by any blogger throughout history.

I haven't been able to post progress on my barious short stories and other progress because I left my master disc in Tucson when I came to see my folks for the holidays in California.

I have just posted my most recent financial progress. It's slowly coming along.

I have moved out of my apartment, but don't have one to move into when I return. I will be staying short-term with friends until finances and PeaceCorps allign like a mythical constellation- or, more likely, for about a week or so.

As for PeaceCorpse, they contacted me last Thursday (December 19th) and asked if there was any way possible that I would have the holds on my application cleared by January 7th. I mentally glanced at my balance sheet, frowned, and said, no, there was no way. They thanked me for my honesty and informed me that they had had a posting in Eastern Europe come up at the last minute and that I could have gone to that. Oh well, back in the hopper for the Pacific Region, with the cautionary statement from PeaceCorps that postings may not be available again in the near future. *sigh*

But, Everything else is good. I will write more in the near future, like tomorrow, to provide more details. It has been a roller coaster of a couple of weeks, but we keep moving right along.

Take care, friends and loved ones,

And Merry Christmas,

Gargh =;]

Goat Statement #4

  • Starting Debt: $22,000
  • Total Real Debt: $11,400
  • (As of 12/5/7)
  • - Settlement of Real Debt: $1,500
  • = $9,900
  • (As of 12/19/7)
  • Settlment at 50%: 4,950ish
  • - $ put aside to settle: $500
    (As of 1/5/8)
  • -------------------------------
    $4,400 Left to raise

Sometimes it seems like I'm taking two steps forward and one step back. I withheld my payment for December in anticiopation of the holidays. I'll have a fair cash cushion going into the new year, but made minimal progress on raising towards the debt. The $1,500 of real debt settled was settled at only 66%, which also slowed down progress based on a 50% settlement.

But, we are moving ahead, slowly but surely. The ace in the hole is a client that owes me $4,000. If that comes through, then I'm golden. If not, then we just keep plugging away.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Goat Statement #3

  • Starting Debt: $22,000
  • Total Real Debt: $14,000
  • (As of 11/1/7)
  • - Settlement of Real Debt: $2,400
  • = $11,400
  • (As of 12/5/7)
  • Settlment at 50%: 5,700
  • - $ put aside to settle: $2,800
  • - $ Fees ($300): $2,500
  • - Recent Settlement Payout ($1,200): 1,300
  • -------------------------------
  • $4,400 Left to raise

Because of the recent calculation of fees owed tot eh Settlment company I have been set back $200 in my savings this month even though I have reduced my real debt by over $2,400. I am still satisfied with the service, though the settlements aren't coming as fast as I'd like. I am glad however that the offers are coming in at at least 50%. I expect to have the $4,000 from Shahid in the next couple of weeks- hopefully before the New Year. The last $400 would be my January payment to the Settlment company. All I'll need to do then is make the final settlement payments with my creditors as they make their offers.

It is a waiting game now...

Gargh =:]