Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Goat Statement #4

  • Starting Debt: $22,000
  • Total Real Debt: $11,400
  • (As of 12/5/7)
  • - Settlement of Real Debt: $1,500
  • = $9,900
  • (As of 12/19/7)
  • Settlment at 50%: 4,950ish
  • - $ put aside to settle: $500
    (As of 1/5/8)
  • -------------------------------
    $4,400 Left to raise

Sometimes it seems like I'm taking two steps forward and one step back. I withheld my payment for December in anticiopation of the holidays. I'll have a fair cash cushion going into the new year, but made minimal progress on raising towards the debt. The $1,500 of real debt settled was settled at only 66%, which also slowed down progress based on a 50% settlement.

But, we are moving ahead, slowly but surely. The ace in the hole is a client that owes me $4,000. If that comes through, then I'm golden. If not, then we just keep plugging away.

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