Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Big Update Part 1

I have become impressed with how things move and then, when momentum and velocity stabilize, fast seems normal.

I haven't posted for several weeks- and I am, of course, well into the next 10 weeks that I'm counting. I owe it to myself and whatever loyal readers are lurking out there in internetland to fill you in with the ups and downs of the wacky wonderful rollercoaster of my life. The Big Update will be a serial that will hopefully bring all items up-to-date in the various categories I've been writing under for the past several weeks. Unfortunately, we're looking at a synopsis as it seemed to came and went too quickly and with such ferocity for me to recognize the significance of many events untill context was established a month or more later.

What this means is- I didn't actually have a grasp on what I was dealing with until after it was over, for much of the last several weeks. I've coasted into my new 10 Weeks, and only now do I find myself in a position to put all this in writing to chronicle my most recent adventures, opportunities, and life-on-pause moments of the near past.

Finally, Thank You all for your support over the First 10 Weeks of 10 Weeks and Counting (Read: My Life). You prayers and comments have all been greatly appreciated.

To begin: The criticals:

Every Troll Needs A Cave- I am currently living with friends and about to move. I moved from my studio apartment in late December, stayed two weeks in California, and returned to Tucson at the beginning of the semester. I am reluctant to sign a lease until I hear from PeaceCorps with a Time Line for my life. I will explain more in near-future posts.

Every Troll Needs a Bridge- Bridge Update!

My bridges:

The old apartment job: 24/7 when I'm not doing anything else. (Finally replaced) I still stay in contact with many of the participants of that program and am happy to report that they are all doing well.
Full Time Teaching: Full-Time, three weeks a month. Three Weeks into the second semester. My students seem happy I'm still there, but the mid-terms are next week, so let's see how long that lasts.
Consult- Gas Station: 10-40 hours a week. This one's complicated, and continues to grow in complexity. It's not just a Gas Station, it's also a cab company, auto shop, auto rental/sales, and office management.
Consult- Crematorium: Still a cooky situation.
Consult: FAA Certified Repair Station- What fun! I've been studyingthe regs on how to operate (legally) a FAA certified aircraft repair station. On the side, I'm reading part 400 of CFR Title 14 (FAA), which regulates comercial space flight. I'm thinking about applying for my operator's license for a reusable launch vehicle, which seems to be a one-page application to a minor office in DC. Which me luck on completing my dream of becoming a licenced Astronaut.
AAABVI: Statewide recreation program for the blind in Arizona. I'm in the process of handing it over to new leadership. There's a saga in and of itself. Good news- first events are this weekend. Check it out at
PROJECT TENTMAKER- A web-based consulting service (free) for Christian Entrepreneurs who want help starting a viable business so they can set aside time and money for ministry and service. This will be kicking into high-gear in the next two weeks. Look for the site-launch sometime next week.

Every Troll Needs a Goat To Chase-

I have met my financial goal for what I intended to raise myself in debt-reduction. I currently still owe about $4000, which is great, because I'm owed about $4000 by a friend/client. Still waiting for the money.... I'll explain this one in some more detail in a near-future post.

Bottom Line: Once I drop that debt to $0, I am free and clear to go into the PeaceCorps. Very tense. Very tense.

Every Troll Has A Story To Tell-

Over the Christmas Break I wrote a poem (posted below under the title, "Old Year's Day", and dictate 2 hours of material to be transcribed. I'm 1/3 of the way through it, and when done, will be able to complete the story "Around Eleven" very shortly. That is my writing priority for the next week, in my free time (yeah right).


And that's where I'm at. There are other projects firmenting, which I'll try to include as I bring everything up to speed. Look for more info soon.

Take care,


gargh =;]

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