Friday, January 4, 2008

The List

The New 10 Weeks has begun. And, coincidentally, it's the New Year. It seems like it's time to reassert those goals that are driving my life, and see how we're doing with taking stuff off of THE LIST.

Everybody has a list- though most people haven't thought to make a long one, or write their's down. THE LIST is simply the batch of things you really want to do in your life. What follows ins't excusive, or exhaustive, or even organized to a great deal. Some items on THE LIST are always going to be in the category of "Target of Opportunity", meaning I'll do it if I happen to be in the neighborhood. Some things may never get done, but may lead to other things going up and then off THE LIST.

I'm sure you all have the idea by now.

One sidebar: If there's a number next to the item it's because it's been borrowed from "50 Things Everyone Must Do (At Least) Once In A Lifetime", a Card Deck that can be purchased at most games stores in your average mall. The ones I'm listing are the ones I haven't done yet. Some I may want to do again, but that may have to wait for another list. ;) On occassion, I may indicate the year I intend to get these things done- if I have a clue.


Be Out of Debt (2008)
Buy everyone in the bar a drink #1
Swim with wild dolphins #2
Climb a mountain #3 (Kilamanjaro- by 2010)
Take a Ferrari for a test drive #4
See the pyramids by night #5
Hold a tarantula #6
Visit Paris #12
See the Norther Light #17
Create a masterpiece #19
Grow and eat your own vegatables #20
Take a hot air balloon ride #26
Bet on a winning horse #34
Hold a lamb #41
Ride in a supersonic jet #45
See a total eclipse (of the sun) #48
Go to the Olympics
Visit the MoMA
Go to an uninhabited island
Write a screenplay (by 2010)
Publish Fiction or Poetry (by 2010)
Run with the bulls (by 2012)
Scuba Dive
Take my parents on a vacation
Go to the Na'adam Festival in Mongolia
Visit the Gobi Desert
Ride horses on every continent
Horseback riding in Mongolia
Horseback riding in the Himalayas
Horseback riding in Turkey
Visit Iceland
Read Moby Dick (by 2008)
Read the works of Robert Louis Stevenson
Swim in all 5 oceans
Attend Mardis Gras
Ride on the Orient Express
Visit the Taj Mahal
See Angel Falls
Own only the clothes on my back

More to come. The list may very well become it's own page in the near future. Look for this posted somewhere soon in an editable and commentable format with updates as they happen.

Now, get to your own List.

gargh =;]

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